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CO 1. 0th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Modification. Seeing as how there just haven't been enough threads on sonic screwdrivers around here.. I'll assume anyone reading this is not only familiar with, but owns one or two of the Character Options toy 1. Doctor sonic screwdrivers. They look good, they are reasonably priced, they have lights and sound..

Doctor Who 10Th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver. This is the actual description for the 10th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Replica. The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver The Doctor’s multipurpose tool is a Gallifreyan device, with numerous settings. April 10th, 2010 281 comments.

As has been pointed out before, and can be seen clearly in this great photo stolen from ectrophy: Mostly, it is just too darn long. I've found at least one other thread here where someone has attempted to shorten the toy- this was d. The pictures below are not for the timid- they depict graphic dremeling and hacksawing to a poor plastic toy! Initial dis- assembly: To make the sonic as short (or at least much closer) as the actual prop, but keep the lights and sound working in the same way, you have to not only shorten the outer tube, but the inner one as well. Outer tube: The trick is to reduce the size of the battery compartment.

If you remove the intermediate contacts, you can barely cram three batteries in the space originally required for two: Then you need to get a little more room inside the outer tube- this was also done with a dremel.

Doctor Who 11Th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. My son was very happy with the Sonic Screwdriver, made his Christmas! Was this review helpful? Yes (3) No (0) Report.

Everybody needs a Sonic Screwdriver; the Doctor’s wonderful science fiction gadget that can unlock doors, control objects at a distance and is the pocket. Sonic Screwdriver Toys and Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers. 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote by The Wand Company Sonic Screwdriver Remote. As if all of that wasn't enough you can pop your Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control into its exquisite protective case when not in use. A universal remote sonic screwdriver?

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